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    My most favorite brushes

    • Natural # 30
    • Sable / Synthetic # 20
    • Sable / Synthetic # 14
    • Sable / Synthetic # 8
    • Nova Synthetic # 3
    • Bamboo Hake
    Sable / Synthetic Blends # 8, 14, 20   
    An economical alternative to pure Kolinsky Red Sable. These brushes  are a mix of Kolinsky Red Sable, Ox Hair (sometimes called Sabeline), and Russian Fitch (Black Sable), along with small amounts of synthetic hair (I use these most often to apply my color to paper).  

    Natural # 30
    I could say that this is one of my most favorite brushes I love the amount of water this brush holds without getting too floppy, as some of the other more expensive brushes. It also has a fine  point so it is able to get into the tighter areas. The Natural Blend is a combination of Kolinsky Red Sable, Russian Blue Squirrel, and Russian Fitch (Black Sable)